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Now in its 4th year, KYUkeFest celebrates the ukulele by bringing together national known ukulele artists, undiscovered musicians, and local talent to Lexington. The festival includes unique classes, jam opportunities, flash mobs, and a ukulele marketplace. Ukulele players of all levels will find plenty of opportunities to learn and play along, while non-players can get a first-hand look at why the uke is exploding in popularity.

“KYukefest is a small festival and intends to stay that way,” says festival organizer Sarabeth Brownrobie. “We are able to offer fantastic classes with lots of interaction with our artists. Attendees have become like family, and we look forward to seeing them every year!”

Looking to bring KYuke into your school? You’re not alone! We currently run four different programs in Lexington, KY.
KYuke loves working with community groups! We have taught in a variety of settings. Community centers to ice cream parlors – let’s create a program that works for you!

“Sip and strum sessions
gave me a space to sing
and de-stress through
music and fun.”

– Felice Salmon

Sick of the same ole same ole at your event? Why not let us introduce ukulele to your participants!
Join us for our monthly open mic nights in Lexington, KY. We are lucky to have new and experience players join us every month! Everyone is welcome to join us!

What We Offer.
Our Unique Approach

KYuke is an organization dedicated promoting the idea and practice of personal music — music made by people for themselves, for their happiness and well-being.
Our sacred implement: the humble ukulele, for the joy and community it brings. We create programs for all sizes and ages, and for all skill levels, as well as host KYukefest in Lexington, Kentucky, annually in September.
Join us at open mic!
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